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A Heartwarming Novella

New York Times bestselling author Ginny Baird delivers a sweet and romantic holiday tale.

When love is a journey, let your heart be your guide.

Ten years ago, Connor Holt left Christmastime Farm to join the navy and see the world, and he’s rarely returned. When his dad has a minor accident, Connor comes home to help run the family’s Christmas tree business, before heading to Washington, DC to pursue his new job as an airline pilot. Being in small-town North Carolina reminds him of the simple pleasures he’s left behind, like the look of fresh-fallen snow on the fields and the pine-scented mountain air. Connor’s noticed something else that’s extra special about Hollybrook Falls... The pretty sparkle in Kylie Chisholm’s warm brown eyes.

Kylie Chisholm is having trouble getting her fledgling donut shop effort off the ground, but she’s not about to tell accomplished Connor Holt about that, much less let him in on her more embarrassing secret. She madly crushed on him as a teen and, a whole decade later, her feelings for him haven’t changed. Now, the all-grown-up Connor seems interested in her, which only makes conflicted Kylie fear heartbreak. While she’s firmly rooted in Hollybrook Falls, Connor’s not planning to stay. During the season of miracles and second chances, can they find their way to a happy ending?

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