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1) Ginny Baird's first published novel was not a romance, but an edge-of-your-seat espionage thriller, which won some awards.

2) Since 2012, Ginny's written over 40 novels and novellas, and several collections, published both independently and traditionally, with more projects in the works. 

3) Ginny Baird is a pen name derived from the nickname for Virginia "Ginny" (the state where she lived when she began writing full time) and her paternal grandmother's maiden name "Baird", which means poet or writer.

4) Both sides of Ginny's family are descended from Celtic roots. Her mother's paternal grandparents (the Aboys) were from Galicia, Spain, once inhabited by the same peoples who occupied Scotland, where the Baird clan evolved.

5) When Ginny was in college, and after she spent her junior year studying in Seville, she backpacked to the areas of the Scottish Highlands and northern Spain from which her ancestors had come. A journey she counts as one of her most memorable to date!

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