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Ginny Baird has always been fascinated by words. Basically, as a child, she talked a lot, regaling her tolerant family (and somewhat less tolerant friends) with made-up and fanciful stories. As a teen, she began experimenting with poetry and was humbled when her high school headmaster encouraged her to pursue a writing career. It would take a few more decades before that happened!

Though she published stories in her college's literary newspaper, Ginny’s successes in print were hit and miss until she finally obtained modest writing credits in a regional parenting magazine. After a brief career contracting with the US State Department, Ginny tried her hand at writing spy thrillers and had two published (then republished) by small electronic presses around year 2000.

About the same time, she had her first contemporary romance accepted by Kensington Publishing Corporation (Zebra Books). Kensington soon after acquired a second romance from Ginny for the same line, which sadly closed before that deal became finalized.

A German film producer’s concurrent interest in her debut spy thriller prompted Ginny to craft her first adapted screenplay. She then wrote other scripts intended for television, receiving over a dozen screenplay options, but none were ever produced.

After teaching ESOL and Spanish for a time at the K-12 level, Ginny revamped her fiction writing career in 2012 by getting her rights back to those early Kensington romances and publishing them via her own imprint, Winter Wedding Press, under the pen name Ginny Baird. Interest in her romances bloomed, and Ginny released more novels, novellas, and collections through Winter Wedding Press, eventually achieving USA Today and New York Times bestseller status.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware to a Spanish professor dad and a Puerto Rican schoolteacher mom, Ginny moved with her family to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was four after her dad took a post at UNC-Charlotte. Ginny, the youngest of five children, later graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Spanish. She worked in Washington, DC afterwards, before settling in Virginia, where she lived for many years, while raising her family.

Ginny recently returned to North Carolina, relocating to Chapel Hill with her husband, yellow Labrador retriever, and large tabby cat. She feels blessed to be writing books of her heart and to have found readers who enjoy her wholesome and romantic stories.

Ginny’s been honored to pay tribute to her Puerto Rican heritage by introducing Puerto Rican characters into her books, and she thinks fondly of her late mother every time she’s able to shine a light on the culture she developed an appreciation for growing up.

When she’s not writing, Ginny enjoys cooking with her husband and taking long walks outdoors, exploring her country neighborhood. She loves crossword puzzles and Scrabble, and playing rowdy group games with her family whenever the entire brood, or even a part of it, gathers together. Ginny and her husband have six children between them, with a cherished number of their kids’ significant others, and many grandcats and granddogs in the mix. 

She values your interest in her work and thanks you for visiting her website! 

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