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A Sweet and Magical Romantic Comedy Novella

A boy wishes on a shooting star to become a basketball great, but the magical stardust falls on his unwitting single mother instead.

A cute, light and funny, G-rated romantic comedy, and a happy, heartwarming read.

Seven-year-old Jake Taylor wishes on a shooting star to become the best basketball player in the state of Virginia—maybe even the world! But the magical stardust that’s meant for him mistakenly falls on his busy single mom, Tess, instead. Much to her dismay, Tess experiences the emergence of freak abilities, but things really get out of control when she accidentally commandeers her son’s basketball tryouts, giving the athletic performance of her life! Handsome single dad and high school basketball coach, Colin Wade, takes note, as his daughter, Dakota, hopes to make the same team. When news of Tess as a “Basketball Mom Phenomenon” spreads beyond their small town, Colin’s good friend, a WNBA scout, arrives on the scene. With her world spinning out of control, her kid mad at her for stealing his wish, and her heart falling fast for hunky Colin, can Tess reclaim her mundane—yet predictable—old existence, or will she be thanking her lucky stars for a brand new start?

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